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At M & T Distilling, we have shots available in several forms. Whether you like your shots straight up, shaken with ice, mixed, or made into a jello shot; we have it all! Come by and try some shots.

Have cocktails in mind? Well at M & T Distilling, there are plenty to choose from that we have come up with, but we are always open to suggestions so come by and give us some new ideas to add to our board!

At M & T Distilling, we always have free moonshine tastings at our tasting room which is located in Hendersonville North Carolina, right off 7th Avenue on Maple Street! Come by and try our shine, hang out for a little, and buy a bottle or two if you want.

At M & T Distilling, we have lots of moonshine bottles, distilled right here in Hendersonville North Carolina, bottled in our back room, and on our shelves for you to purchase. We have several flavors available at all times, and more flavors are always on the way.