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Years ago, when you thought about Hendersonville North Carolina, your mind quickly went to apples and retirement; but a lot has changed since then. One of those things is the moonshine scene and that is where we come in. We recently opened up and offer free moonshine tastings where you can try our straight, as well as several other tasty flavors. But in all reality, you can’t drink shine all day, so here are some places to eat in the area before or after you sip some shine with us!

  1. Mountain Deli – this sandwich shop is one of the best in Western NC.
  2. Monte’s Subs – the subs here are so delicious.
  3. Mezzaluna – a great go-to spot for Italian food.
  4. Shine – delicious eats and cocktails all around.
  5. Postero – fine cuisine downtown on Main Street.
  6. Never Blue – so many choices on the menu here, and they do every dish so good.
  7. Umi – if you are looking for sushi, we have one of the best places ever nearby.
  8. Arabella – breakfast & brunch at it’s finest.
  9. West First – if you’re looking for “craft pizza” in Hendo, they hit the spot.
  10. Carolina Ace BBQ – the only food truck on our list, but it is so worth finding them.